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International Trade Press Relations

Get an 11-month head start with Carta

Our customers are changing the market through innovation - we help them to communicate their innovations swiftly around the world and turn them into sales before copycat products are on the market. That usually takes as little as 11 months. So there's no time to waste.

We give them a head start in the trade media - precisely where it counts for their sales. In Germany, in Europe, worldwide. We are a full-service partner for PR - from strategic topic management to the creation of first-class content and the maintenance of our more than 1,000 specialist distribution lists to personal editorial contact and monitoring.

During this process, we not only use market-leading databases and tools, but also ensure maximum clarity at the crucial point of addressing the journalists, with a team of native-speaking PR consultants for all the world's major language markets.

The Reasons Behind Carta's Success in Trade Press Relations

Copywriting Skills

We are specialists in copywriting. The more complex and difficult the topic, the harder we work. Our specialty: clear, easy-to-read content that inspires readers, meets journalistic criteria and conveys our customers' point of view.

PR Consultants with Native Language Skills 

Our international team is able to speak to journalists in all major language markets of the world in their native languages and establish a personal relationship with them. Since our consultants are also fluent in German and work locally at Carta, we ensure quality communication and expertise in every direction without the usual breakdowns in understanding.

Industry Insights 

From mechanical engineering and construction to software, finance, food and chemicals: Our PR teams have built up in-depth expertise in their respective industries. That's why we know what matters when it comes to selecting topics and creating content for our clients' dialog groups.

Our services: Effective trade press relations worldwide

Systematic: Excellently maintained worldwide media distribution list

Over 1,000 media distribution lists worldwide: With the help of leading databases in the market, we identify the relevant trade media and contacts for our customers - in DACH or worldwide, print and online. On this basis, we create press distribution lists that are specially adapted to the focus countries and target groups of our customers, which we permanently maintain and constantly refine.

Personal: Addressing journalists in their native languages

Humanity wins: Our polyglot team talks to journalists in all the world's major language markets about customer-specific topics in their native languages. Our customers benefit from the sympathy bonus, the minimization of misunderstandings and our in-depth understanding of which topics are of interest to our media partners and which suitable information we can provide them with.

Strategic: From topic management to storytelling

With our topic management, we find the stories that turn our clients' strategic messages into credible narratives. We gather potential topics from all available sources - from internal sources to database-driven market and competitive intelligence, social listening to ongoing media analysis. We match this superset of possible topics with our clients' organizational messages and use them to create editorial plans with topics that tell their story credibly across all channels - on an ongoing basis.

Accurate: Sending out press releases worldwide

Using market-leading PR software, we send press releases to individual press distribution lists in DACH, Europe or worldwide - geared to our customers' focus countries. Depending on the requirements, we send them in German, English or translated into the respective native language of the editor.

Readable: Media and target group oriented content creation

We create press releases and technical reports including graphic elements adapted to the media and target groups of our customers. We use interviews and our own research as a basis for this, for example. As experts for journalistically clean and factually correct content, we ensure that the quality of the content corresponds to the quality of our customers' services and products.

Additional Services

Depending on your needs, we can, for example, create whitepaper campaigns, prepare press briefings, organize people, product and industry photographers, or take care of all the measures involved in placing an ad. This includes planning, booking and project management, as well as the creation and graphic design of the ads.

Comprehensive: Monitoring and reporting

We visualize the reach of our work for our clients. To do this, we monitor the media on- and offline and create individual press clippings and reports with statistics and evaluations of the placed articles.


International trade press relations for Romaco

We bring the Romaco Group brands to trade media in 200 countries - from copywriting and personal contact management to global broadcasting and reporting.

Trade press relations in Germany and Austria for CREALOGIX

For the Swiss FinTech company CREALOGIX, we were involved with active topic management, the creation of texts and graphics, contact management and the sending out of press releases.

Trade press relations in Germany for Checkpoint

For Checkpoint Systems, we take over the copywriting and adaptation as well as the dispatch of communications for the German market, also in coordination with the client's European marketing.

Understanding creates trust -
the Carta concept

We believe that there is no substitute for personal contact, even in international trade press work. That is why we have continuously expanded our team in Speyer with consultants who speak a second language fluently in addition to German. This enables us to speak to journalists in all major language markets in their native language - whether Spanish or Chinese, Russian or Portuguese. This creates maximum understanding of the topics being discussed and trust even on the last meter to the gatekeeper - and thus the best possible conditions for high-reach press campaigns. Whether in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, throughout Europe, Asia, America or Australia.

At the same time, our PR consultants speak German at a native level. This ensures the quality of understanding in the communication flow in every direction - to the customer and to the journalists in the respective target countries. 

How can we support you in your international trade press relations?

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