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Press and Media

Your Voice in the Media

Media shape public perception. Therefore, we provide our clients with strategically sound and continuous press and media relations for consumer and trade media throughout the German-speaking world and beyond.

Based on a systematic analysis of channels and topic plans, we contact journalists and disseminators and deliver them high-quality content that is relevant to them. In this way, we ensure that they report favorably on our clients' topics and generate positive attention among their dialog groups.

The reasons behind Carta’s success in press and media relations


All PR consultants at Carta have experience in press and media relations. We know how journalists think and make decisions. Therefore, we can provide them with content that is interesting for them - while conveying our clients' messages.


We use the leading databases in the market to identify authoritative journalists. We then build a relationship with them based on respect and understanding. We then provide them with appropriate content, maximizing the chances of publication. 

Industry Insights 

In order to meet the different needs of different industries, we have established specializations within our team: from the public sector to industry and finance to wine & gourmet. We prepare our customers' topics in a way that is suitable for the relevant media.  


Media Identification

Using the leading databases in the market, we systematically identify the relevant media for our customers - be it local, in Germany or international; print and online.

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Active Topic Management and Planning

Through topic plans, market observations, discourse analysis and dialog with our clients, we compile a superset of possible topics and jointly develop an editorial plan that we adapt to ongoing developments.

Adapting Content to Media and Target Groups

We create all texts tailored to the medium and target group, including graphic elements, in accordance with the responsibilities, workflows and approval processes agreed upon with our customers.

Ongoing Personal Dialog

We remain in contact with the correspondents of the relevant media to find out which topics are of interest to them and what information we can provide.

Issuing Press Releases

We send press releases to distribution lists customized for our customers throughout the German-speaking world and beyond. We use market-leading PR software for this purpose.

Complementary Services

When required, we can also take on the role of press spokesperson, organize press conferences, accompany you on interviews and on-site visits, or work with people, product and industry photographers.

Monitoring and Reporting

We monitor print and online media and create individual press clippings or reports with statistics and evaluations of placed content for our clients.


Local press relations for the recreational park Luisenpark in Mannheim

We are supporting the recreational park Luisenpark in Mannheim with copywriting and press clipping during their implementation of the construction project "Neue Parkmitte". 

Regional press relations for the united banking institute Volksbank Raiffeisenbank of the Electoral and Rhineland Palatinate areas

We support the united banking institute Volksbank Raiffeisenbank of the Electoral and Rhineland Palatinate areas in regional press relations and content production for various marketing and PR media. 

Press relations in Germany and Austria for DuPont

For the chemicals company DuPont, we took over the copywriting and dispatch of press releases for several years as part of an interim management assignment.