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    Graphics and Design

More than just pictures:
Visuals with strategic depth

Many graphic designers can create beautiful visuals. The qualitative difference is in the conceptual design: good content is the visual implementation of strategy and messages and thus an essential part of storytelling. That's why at Carta graphics, text and consulting work closely together and inspire each other. This creates designs that reach target groups and make an impact.

The reasons behind our designs with added value


Communication always has a job to do - and that's just as true for graphics. At Carta, graphics are not just the appealing packaging for strategically relevant content, but an integral part of the solution.


Conception is the duty, creativity is the pleasure: Often it is the one brilliant idea that convinces everyone immediately. The preliminary conceptual work is not visible. That's why creative chaos is just as important as clearly structured strategies. At Carta, we offer both - and have fun doing it! 


Our art director Felix has over 20 years of experience with national and international campaigns for a wide range of clients and industries. Add to that our extensive network of graphic service providers with different strengths and focuses. This allows us to find the right solution for every requirement. 

Our Services: Media formats meeting top standards

Web Design

Websites, online shops, animations, banner ads, landing pages and microsites (one-page design), social media graphics, ...

Video and Media Production

Animations & project documentations; explanatory films & online tutorials; image videos; commercials; podcasts or video casts; press, product and people photography as well as stock photo research including personality rights and license management.

Campaign Development

Strategy, conceptualization, brainstorming and implementation proposals for graphic communication tracks; internal communication campaigns; employer branding; photo shoots

Graphic Design

Ads, brochures, labels, flyers, fanfolds, exhibition stands, posters, mailings/self-mailers, ...

Editorial Design

Customer magazines, white papers, annual reports, trade fair newspapers, catalogs, ...

Corporate Design

Development of corporate designs including CD manuals; logos; business stationery; corporate identity consulting

The medium sets the message

Getting to the heart of information - that is our greatest strength. However, words and images only have an impact through media. With our in-house graphics department and our proven network of agencies for film, photography, programming, e-mail marketing and much more, we stage the messages accordingly - from the idea to the finished product.

Print Media

Even and especially in the digital age, media that can be experienced physically are indispensable. We create effective content for every format, conceptualize and design a coherent product and, if desired, take over the project management right up to the final approved print article.  

Online Media 

Carta ensures that the content and the online channel are an ideal match for maximum impact. We create diverse online communications in-house or in cooperation with proven partners and also take care of long-term maintenance on demand.

Video Formats 

Together with our production partners, we plan the shoot from treatment to post-production and organize all necessary preparations such as shooting permits, schedules, film crew and equipment. We are also available as a point of contact during the shoot. 


Be it stock photos or high-quality shoots, almost nothing works in communication without images. We find the right photographer for our clients or research images in the leading image databases, from conceptualization and image selection to operational handling and documentation of image rights and licenses. 

Email Marketing

Email is still one of the most important communication media. We create effective content and media-appropriate designs and also take care of the technical part, from tool selection to list management and analysis - for high standards in cooperation with one of Germany's leading e-mail and multichannel marketing agencies.




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