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Media Monitoring

Recognize and utilize trends with Carta

Identifying trends, developing strategies, creating buzz - at Carta, we catch big and small waves of the daily media stream. With the help of market-leading media databases, we track down relevant topics and articles for our clients - both online and offline. This way, they always know what is being reported about them and where, to use this knowledge strategically for themselves.

Our multilingual staff compile press clippings, statistics and evaluations of placed articles. Daily, weekly or monthly - according to our customers' preferences. This makes it easier for them to keep track of the media status quo. What is trending? What is being discussed? We always provide support when it matters.

Everything under control with Carta

Media Overview

At Carta, we take a holistic view of our customers and know exactly which current topics are relevant to them. With market-leading media databases, we find what is being published in print, on the classic web or in social media - and can react immediately to critical reports.

International Reach

Carta is well-connected and not only within its own team. In 20 years of international press work, we have built up a global network of contacts that supports us in monitoring trends and the media - to the benefit of our clients.

Prioritizing Stakeholders

Due to our experience in the public affairs sector, we are able to assess stakeholders and the media they use very well. Hence, we also find discussions beyond the classic press monitoring and track down critical topics.

Our services in press and media monitoring

Press Monitoring

  • Creation of search profiles based on relevant keywords
  • AI-based Internet research regarding customer-relevant topics on all channels
  • Sentiment analysis of posted articles
  • Image recognition and corresponding topic assignment of posts
  • Topic-specific review of print media
  • Compilation of thematically relevant press articles 
  • Analysis of conspicuous messages for the benefit of optimizing current strategies


  • Creation of a press review with relevant news
  • Delivery of articles as excerpts (clippings)
  • Preparation of summary, content and statistical analysis
  • Reporting frequency tailored to your requirements, from daily to quarterly 

Notifications for Unnatural Posting Behavior

  • Tool-based evaluations of social media activities
  • Early warning system for "shitstorms"
  • Sentiment analysis of online conversations and image postings about customer-relevant topics
  • 24/7 e-mail notifications in the event of unnatural increases in discussion

Rapid Crisis Response

Stakeholder-specific Searches and Evaluations

Not only in the public affairs sector is it important to know what certain stakeholders are saying about you. Carta shows it - with the help of a tool-based evaluation of online communication platforms and manual desktop research by qualified consultants.

More about stakeholder communication


Media monitoring the recreational park Luisenpark in Mannheim

For Mannheim's recreational park Luisenpark, we create a weekly media monitoring of the Neue Parkmitte redevelopment project and thus keep an eye on how the further development is being thought and written about - in print, online and in the social media.

Media monitoring for Neptune Energy

We compile a daily press report for Neptune Energy on how oil production in the region is being reported, and can manage and adjust their communications on this basis.

Stakeholder monitoring for Lake Constance Water Supply

As part of the acceptance communication for the major Future Source project, we continuously analyze how opinion is developing among the relevant stakeholder groups.


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