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PR Strategy

Strategy - the foundation of successful communication

At Carta, strategy is already in our name - because "strategy & (good) communication" belong together. Whether it's a single product campaign or the positioning of brands and entire companies: Our process ensures that goals are pursued systematically, effectively and efficiently.

Through our consulting services in strategy and conceptual design, we support companies and organizations in placing their communication on a strategic footing and deriving a concrete, realistic and goal-oriented plan of action from it.

We can strategize – because

Tradition of Thought

Think first, act later - since the company was founded in 2001, our maxim has been that our recommendations for action are based on well thought-out analyses. In doing so, we look far beyond the horizon of communication and include environmental factors and business requirements.

Strategies from the Executive Floor

At Carta, experienced consultants, selected specialists and usually also the management collaborate on every concept. We bring our extensive industry experience to the table and create customized strategies instead of following a formula.

Practical and Implementable

We are well versed in theory - but we know that strategies also depend on their feasibility. That's why Carta's concepts include concrete measures with realistic time and budget planning. The benefits of this action planning must exceed the effort required to develop the strategy.


Content Strategies

What makes a company stand out from the competition - and how can this USP be credibly communicated? Embedded in the overall operational planning of communications, we work out a content strategy that aims to build long-term awareness and trust among the relevant target groups.

The content strategy forms the basis of storytelling, a steady stream of smaller and larger stories that all have just one goal: To tell the very big story - namely, what the company stands for. In this way, we breathe life into the brand essence - and do so much more credibly than could be achieved through an ad placement or a single campaign.

Our content strategies include:

  • Clarification of communication goals
  • Identification of dialog groups
  • Developing a corporate wording
  • Developing storytelling approaches 
  • Recommendations for channels to be used
  • Definition of roles & responsibilities
  • Determination of release processes
  • Recommendation for monitoring & reporting
  • Definition of KPIs

Strategy and Communication Concept Development

Based on a clearly defined positioning of the company or sector, our concepts create a strategic foundation for the operational measures of communication in Germany, Europe and the global market.

Our communication concepts start with the facts and figures of the company, such as the existing sales processes, to build a bridge from the market, competitor, target group and SWOT analyses to strategy development as well as the elaboration of target group-specific messages and the planning of concrete measures.

Within the framework of strategic concept development, we offer, among other things:

  • Communication concepts
  • PR Concepts
  • Online strategie concepts
  • Trade fair & event concepts

Market Entry Strategies for and from Germany

Carta supports German companies with a PR strategy tailored for the relevant national market to harness business opportunities internationally. Our native speakers from the various global language markets know the respective cultural backgrounds and economic customs - so you get a resilient country-specific market entry strategy.

We also support foreign companies entering the German market by adapting or further developing their PR strategy for the German-speaking market. For example, we adapt messages to the expectations of the German target group, analyze the local market situation (also on a regional or local level) and recommend new or adapted measures.

Positioning Guidance for Brands and Companies

The right positioning establishes a company's credibility and ensures efficient communication. It is derived directly from a company's DNA - its philosophy, services, products, everything that distinguishes it from the competition in relevant markets and attracts target groups.

The same principle applies to brand development: Ideally, positioning follows the unique selling points of a product and ultimately proclaims its raison d'être.


Strategic project conceptualization for Bodensee-Wasserversorgung

Together with our partner agency Kaltwasser, we created a strategic communications concept for the Zukunftsquelle project by Lake Constance Water Utility, which is scheduled to run for decades.

Brand development for alkus

We developed a comprehensive strategic communications concept for the innovative formwork panel manufacturer and adapted it over time to changing market and company strategies.

Positioning Workshop for
Energy Agency Rhineland-Palatinate

In a workshop at management and expert level, we supported the Energy Agency in repositioning itself in the changed political and economic environment.