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Dupont: Interim Management
in the chemical industry

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Maintaining continuity during change

Changes must be well communicated

It is particularly challenging when corporate communications itself is also affected by the change. When a vacancy arose in a senior corporate communications position for the German sites at the U.S. chemical company DuPont in the run-up to the planned merger with Dow Chemical, the gap was to be filled by an external service provider until the new position was filled. Carta stepped into interim management for this role and took its place on the global communications team.


Quick introduction to topics and structures

Carta took over corporate communications for DuPont Germany during the merger and subsequent split into three new specialized companies. We managed the internal and external communication tasks, supported the change process, created the local adaptations of the change topics for the German employees and provided media monitoring.

For this purpose, a central contact person was appointed, who worked on fixed days on site at the main location and accompanied the daily business in close cooperation with the global communications team and in direct contact with the German management. Carta handed over this role to the successor after a mandate of almost three years.



Operational capability ensured

Carta ensured stability and continuity in DuPont's German corporate communications until the position was filled. The company remained able to speak and act in terms of communications.

The focus could be on the upcoming communication tasks for the merger and realignment and the successor recruiting could take place at the appropriate time.

Carta maintained the interface between Global Communications and the German locations and delivered the communication messages internally and externally.