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Social Media Management
Using social media strategically

Contacting your target group super fast and super directly - super easy with social media! Or is it? As with all communication channels and measures, we at Carta are convinced that the strategic basis must be right: Clear goals, realistic expectations and, above all, first-class content (even if it's only 140 or 280 characters).

With this approach, we help our customers fully exploit the potential of social media for their corporate goals. Thanks to our many years of experience in online communication, we know exactly which channels are suitable for which purposes and how messages are best placed there - from Facebook and Instagram to YouTube and Twitter to LinkedIn or Xing.

Reasons Behind Carta's Success in Social Media

Years of Experience

The core of our work is the target group and channel appropriate preparation of topics from different industries and their distribution. For years, we have been supporting customers in addressing their own target group on the right channel with the appropriate messages.

Strategic Overview 

Every social network is not suitable for everyone and does not have to be used. We advise our clients on positioning, target groups and realistic goals on social media, make recommendations on suitable channels and the ideal content mix, and are happy to take over ongoing maintenance.

Digital Expertise  

Our team of experts in digital communications works closely together. Thanks to the constant exchange across industries and channels, creative ideas for ideally addressing different target groups emerge. Our customers benefit from this.

Our services: Using social media strategically

Continuous Maintenance and Support of Social Media Channels

  • Topic selection, editorial planning and coordination 
  • Image selection or research
  • Coordination of participants
  • Publication of planned contributions and stories
  • Interacting with the community, building and expanding the community
  • Placement of ads
  • Providing advice on suitable content and channels
  • Setting up new channels

Creating Image or Video Content

  • In cooperation with long-term partners
  • Target definition
  • Selection of suitable designs
  • Script (if required)
  • Moodboards
  • Preselection
  • Editing
  • Coordination
  • Publishing
  • Reporting

Creating a Social Media Approach

  • Targets and target groups
  • Suitable channels
  • Topic selection and content mix
  • Tone of Voice
  • Posting frequency
  • Approval processes
  • Editorial planning
  • Crisis management
  • Success measurement

Creating Posts

  • Briefing or independent research of topics
  • Copywriting
  • Selection or production of media
  • Coordination and approval
  • Publication of posts

Performance Analysis of Social Media Channels

  • Goals and target groups
  • Channel selection
  • Topics and content mix
  • Tone of Voice
  • Posting frequency
  • Community interaction
  • Ads

Establishing Social Media Channels

  • Obtaining relevant information and access
  • Technical set-up
  • Maintenance of the contents
  • Agreement and release
  • Publishing the first contributions
  • Continuous support or handover


  • One time for an event or permanent
  • Target definition
  • Guidance about and selection of target groups
  • Image and text selection
  • Playing out the ad(s)
  • Success measurement


Social Media for the construction company Roth Bau

From 2018 to 2021, we supported the solid house construction company with target group-oriented communication on Facebook. Since 2019 we have also been providing regular project updates on Instagram.

Social Media for Luisenpark

Something's growing over there! Since 2018, we have been supporting the recreational park Luisenpark in Mannheim in communicating about their New Park Center - including on Facebook.

Social Media for Intervitis Interfructa Hortitechnica

For the international technology trade fair Intervitis Interfructa Hortitechnica, we took over the development and support of the two social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) in 2018.  

Digital Communication Strategies

Before deciding on a newsletter, blog, website or a social media platform or two, it must be clear for whom all this is being done and for what purpose. We support our customers with the right questions to put their digital communication on a strategic basis. From channel selection to posting strategies to target group-specific messages. That way, they focus their energies from the outset on the channels that will bring them the most success.

Development is particularly dynamic in the area of social media - new channels are constantly being added, and existing ones are changing or evolving. Our digital experts have a broad overview of channels and platforms, their strengths and weaknesses, core target groups and potential, and combine these with each other in a needs-based and customer-specific manner - integrated into the overall digital communication strategy. 

Can we help you with social media?

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