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Relevance is King –
Content Marketing with Carta

Whether blogs, webinars, podcasts, social media or email marketing: digital communication channels make it easier than ever for companies to get in touch directly with their dialogue groups. At the same time, however, corporate messages face increasingly fierce competition for attention.

Carta supports B2B and B2C companies in gaining and retaining the attention of their target groups with relevant, beneficial content: As a full-service agency partner for the development of content marketing strategies, the acquisition of new target group insights with audience personas as well as the creation and distribution of high-quality content via the company's own channels in interaction with paid and earned media.

Why content marketing with Carta is successful

Outstanding Content

Carta works for companies that are excellent at what they do - and ensures with first-class editing that this excellence is reflected in the companies' content. Complex, technical topics are our speciality. Our references range from pharmaceutical engineering to cloud computing.

Methodological and Tool Competence

Strategy development, persona interviews, content collaboration, website analytics, search engine optimisation or social media: Content marketing is a broad field. We have the necessary methodological and tool expertise to successfully cultivate this field for our clients as a full-service agency partner.

Integrated Communication

Content marketing alone is good - content marketing in combination with Public Relations and Inbound Marketing is better: as part of integrated communication, we can map the entire content funnel. From national or international (trade) press work to community building on the company's own channels to lead generation and communication with existing customers.

Our agency services in content marketing

Goal definition and strategy development: positioning via content

Which content should be produced for whom with which value proposition? Within the framework of a consulting workshop, Carta supports B2B and B2C companies in defining the goals of a content marketing programme. We analyse and prioritise possible topic areas, evaluate existing marketing measures and touchpoints and assess the content offerings of competitors. On this basis, we develop a content strategy documented in writing with a target group definition, recommendations on content formats and channels and a key performance indicator system to measure success.

Corporate Wording Manual: A "brand voice" for your company

With the development of a corporate wording manual, we support B2B and B2C companies in finding their own language in content marketing, defining do's and don'ts for corporate communication and the spelling of central terms. In this way, we provide all those inside and outside the organisation who are involved in the creation and review of content with a central reference document for operational communication work. If required, we are happy to combine the creation of a corporate wording manual with the development or revision of a corporate design and thus create a complete style guide for your company.

Content Audit: New life for old content

Even companies that are new to content marketing often do not start from scratch in terms of content, but already have a pool of interesting, useful content. In order to make it usable for a content marketing programme, this content only needs to be "polished up" a bit: By preparing it in a reader-friendly way, by laying it out in a contemporary way, by adapting it for new channels and formats or simply by promoting it more effectively. Within the framework of a content audit, we collect, structure and analyse already existing corporate content according to qualitative and quantitative criteria and determine to what extent existing content fits the developed strategy. In this way, we save resources in the subsequent content production and help our clients get more out of their content marketing budget.

Content planning: develop topics and assign them to channels

With content planning, Carta supports B2B and B2C companies in the operational implementation of their content marketing: we talk to specialist contacts within the organisation, collect and prioritise content ideas, assign them to individual channels and formats and maintain an editorial calendar. We also develop proposals on how the reach of content published on the company's own channels can be increased through measures such as press relations (earned media) and paid media.

Performance analysis and optimisation

Measuring success and optimisation We use these content marketing KPIs to increase reach, optimise conversion rates and make the content produced even more relevant for the target groups. Every six months, we conduct qualitative reviews to determine whether the content produced continues to fit the strategy developed and the target group defined. We also design surveys and conduct feedback interviews with representatives of the target group to gain insights for further improvement of the content marketing measures.

Audience Personas: Defining an audience for your content

If you want to communicate effectively, you need a deep understanding of your audience and their questions, wishes and challenges. With the development of audience personas, we support medium-sized companies in gaining new insights into their target groups. For this purpose, we conduct qualitative interviews with customers, partners or other stakeholders as well as internal target group experts (e.g. from sales, service or HR). We combine the results of this qualitative analysis with a quantitative analysis (e.g. of market research and website analysis data) and condense the findings into concise persona profiles. In this way, we create a common understanding among all those involved in content production as to which content should be produced and published for which audience.

Content creation and distribution: creating and distributing content

In our consulting sectors, we create and distribute content for the full spectrum of content marketing - including:

  • Blog posts and social media posts
  • Infographics, charts and animations
  • Scripts for podcasts and videos
  • Email marketing
  • landing pages
  • Whitepapers
  • Conception of webinars and in-person events
  • Online advertising (e.g. banner ads, Google ads, social ads, native advertising)

Technical set-up: Efficiency through the right tools

If you want to communicate with high frequency in content marketing, use multiple channels and not get bogged down in the process, you need a suitable technical infrastructure. Carta supports medium-sized companies in finding and setting up a content marketing platform that fits their budget, their way of working and their organisational goals.


Blog Content for Sparkasse Mainz

For the regional branch of savings bank Sparkasse, we designed and created search engine optimised blog posts and conceived content promotion measures to additionally increase the reach. 

White paper campaign for CREALOGIX

We designed and implemented a whitepaper campaign in 3 language markets (German, English, Chinese) for the digital banking software provider CREALOGIX. 

Project reports for Drytech waterproofing technology

For Drytech Abdichtungstechnik, a specialist provider of structural waterproofing, we design, write and layout project reports that the company uses to generate leads. 

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