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Digital Communication Strategy

Successful digital communication with strategic foresight

If you're looking for the most prestigious web designer, the most expensive social media agency, and the most awarded UX designer, unfortunately you won't find them at Carta. But if you don't have the desire or budget to hire your own special agency for every sub-area of the infinite digital world and coordinate this multitude of companies and projects, then Carta is the right place for you!

With our strategic overview of the multitude of digital channels and tools and our understanding of our clients' industries and requirements, we develop overarching strategies for them that sustainably increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their digital communication measures - and integrate them perfectly with their offline communication.

Success factors of
Carta's digital communication strategy

Digital Communications Team

Particularly in the broad field of digital communication, we rely on intensive collaboration in our team of experts for SEO, SEA, social media and digital strategies. In this way, we develop cross-channel solutions for our customers that enable them to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital communication.

Digital Full-Service

Our practical knowledge of the implementation flows into the strategic planning. That's why our communication strategies describe realistic measures with experience-based information on costs and benefits.  

No Square Pegs in Round Holes

Everything is possible, but not everything is sensible: We design strategies for our customers' individual situation, goals and opportunities. With a carefully selected channel and content mix, we ensure successful digital communication. 

Our digital communication strategies services

Analysis of Digital Communication Channels and Measures

We subject our clients' communications to an intensive analysis to uncover strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. In addition, we draw on our experience in the areas of website optimization, e-commerce, social media and corporate communications. This process enables us to assess the current state of our clients' digital communications.

Active in Digital Communications

For us, the development of a digital communications strategy often forms the basis of further collaboration in ongoing communications. Here, we move from theory to practice and support the planning and implementation of measures, including the management and use of various channels. By professionally addressing the target groups and using results-oriented advertising, we ensure measurable results in digital communication.

Developing Digital Communication Strategies

In the interplay of analysis results, customer information, goals and target groups, as well as channel assessment and many years of experience, we develop digital communication strategies to support our customers in their digital communication. Our strategies are successful due to the combination of the appropriate channels and measures as well as the precise addressing of the important target groups.

Analysis of Target Groups and Topics

To identify and analyze relevant target groups and topics, we use research, customer information, monitoring solutions and other sources. Based on this, we develop connections and interest allocations for the subsequent strategy development.

Channel Analysis

Our comprehensive knowledge of the various communication channels and their respective target groups enables us to develop an optimal channel mix for our clients' communicative goals and target groups.


hpc Kurpfalz

We helped establish a brand for the hand and plastic surgery practice in the catchment area with logo and website creation, SEA campaigns and social media.

Law Practice Pabst | Lorenz + Partners

Through website development, search engine advertising and online content consulting, we support the PLuP law firm in client acquisition as well as placement of relevant topics in the catchment area.

Cura Aesthetic 

We support the Medical Institute for Anti-Aging with various marketing measures to attract patients - from ad creation and placement to web presence and SEA.