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Inbound Marketing

Online lead generation
for B2B companies

Digitalization is shifting the balance between marketing and sales: Today, in B2B, the decision to buy is often halfway through when a prospect first speaks to a sales representative - and almost every purchase is now preceded by an online search.

Carta helps medium-sized B2B companies with products and services that require explanation, are innovative and higher priced to be better perceived online and to acquire and develop leads via digital channels with strategically sound, integrated marketing communication. In doing so, we help sales teams increase their close rates and focus on converting leads with a concrete buying interest.

3 reasons why Carta is the right partner when it comes to online lead generation in B2B

Branch and Methodological Expertise

The Carta team has methodological specializations in the areas of content strategy, persona analyses, (online) PR, marketing tools & automation, social media, SEO, graphics and editing. This allows us to implement inbound marketing for medium-sized B2B companies as a full-service. In addition, we have many years of experience in our consulting branches and therefore go the extra mile in marketing communication for our customers by penetrating even difficult topics and complex sales processes. 

Integration of Online and Offline Communication

Even though digital marketing channels are becoming increasingly important in B2B, in many industries addressing customers via analog channels and personal contact still has great significance - for example, in the form of a printed trade magazine or a trade fair presence. Carta is at home in both the online and offline worlds and combines digital and analog channels in new customer acquisition for holistic, integrated marketing communication to generate new leads for your company.

Tailored Solutions  

There is no "cookie-cutter" approach to inbound marketing at Carta: We tailor our marketing communications entirely to the individual requirements of our medium-sized B2B customers and support them wherever they need us. Depending on the in-house capacities available to our customers, we are happy to act as an outsourced marketing department or to support them with subtasks of their inbound marketing - such as strategy development, content production or search engine marketing.

Our Services: What we can do for you when it comes to online lead generation in B2B

Buyer Personas: Analyzing target groups

A precise knowledge of target groups is the basis for successful online marketing and lead acquisition in B2B. With buyer persona analyses, Carta helps mid-sized B2B companies gain deep insights into the buying decision behavior of their target groups and align their marketing and sales activities entirely with the pain points and goals of their potential customers. To do this, we conduct qualitative interviews with prospects as well as new and existing customers of the company, talk to the sales team and evaluate quantitative data.

Strategy development: Comprehensive approach to new customer acquisition

Carta develops new customer acquisition strategies for the entire company or a limited service area. In a workshop, we analyze the current situation of the company, the market and the competition as well as existing touchpoints and marketing measures. Together with the sales department, we define an ideal customer profile and criteria for lead qualification, determine campaign goals and clarify responsibilities. On this basis, we develop a new customer acquisition strategy with a concrete roadmap for the operational implementation of individual lead generation campaigns.

Content distribution: Achieving reach for created content

Owned, paid or earned: We establish reach for the content offers of our medium-sized B2B customers and thus ensure that the marketing funnel is as wide as possible at the top. Our combined expertise in B2B PR and B2B marketing allows us to provide our clients with holistic support and to think about campaigns from the end up. To this end, Carta relies on proprietary channels such as email marketing as well as earned media in trade media or "word of mouth" in social networks. We also use a wide range of online advertising tools such as Google Ads, Facebook Lead Ads and retargeting.

Website optimization: Switchboard of online marketing

We turn the websites of our medium-sized B2B customers into the center of their digital lead acquisition campaigns. We provide an appealing design, high user-friendliness, relevant content, visibility in search engines, and contemporary access channels that give prospects the choice of how they want to get in touch with the company. To achieve this, we evaluate and optimize the existing website or we set up a completely new website for our clients.

Lead management: Bringing prospective customers to a purchase decision

We help medium-sized B2B companies to turn anonymous blog or website visitors into named leads and to bring them step by step to a purchase decision. For this purpose, we use state-of-the-art tools for GDPR-compliant identification of website visitors. With high-quality content such as a whitepaper or a webinar, we also create an incentive for potential customers to provide their contact data. As part of continuous lead management, we coordinate intensively with sales and hand over qualified leads to them for further processing.

Technical setup: Using the right tools

We set up a suitable technical infrastructure for medium-sized B2B companies to generate and develop leads via digital channels. Against the background of their goals and budget, we advise them on software equipment suitable for their company. The spectrum ranges from the implementation of a cost-effective set of partial solutions (for blogging, email marketing, etc.) to comprehensive all-in-one inbound marketing software.

Content generation: Content creation for lead generation

For our medium-sized B2B clients, we can implement all the content formats they need for their online lead nurturing campaigns - from whitepapers, infographics, checklists and blog posts to email lead nurturing streams, videos, animations and interactive content such as surveys.

Content planning: Determining the when, who, how, and where of content

Based on the formulated strategy and the defined buyer personas, we design target-group-specific content and plan individual new customer acquisition campaigns. As part of integrated communication, we coordinate the respective channels.

Evaluation and optimization: A little better every day

Carta analyzes the strategy, content and metrics of online marketing communications for mid-sized B2B companies to help them improve the performance of each channel.

Online lead generation at Carta for 

Banks, Savings Banks & Fintech Companies

Consulting & Service Providers

Software & IT Companies

Machinery & Plant Manufacturers


Generating leads for CREALOGIX

For the digital banking software provider CREALOGIX, we implemented a whitepaper campaign in 3 language markets with elements of paid, earned and owned media.

Buyer Personas for
Sparkasse Mainz

To promote the regional branch of savings bank Sparkasse's checking account offering, we developed and implemented a buyer-persona-based new customer acquisition strategy.

Online visibility for alkus

We have been supporting the building materials company alkus with online marketing in the German-speaking countries and the USA since 2012, managing the creation and implementation of their online campaigns.

Carta supports medium-sized B2B companies in the complete new customer acquisition process


We help medium-sized B2B companies to be where their target groups are, both online and offline. Through a channel mix tailored to the requirements of their industry, we create awareness for their concepts and solutions and help create problem awareness among their potential customers. 


Using a mix of organic search engine rankings, paid reach, publications in trade media, and word of mouth on social networks, we drive potential leads to our clients' proprietary channels. In doing so, we use high-quality content (lead magnets) to gain the contact details of potential customers.


We design marketing workflows to address a lead with additional content that is relevant to them, depending on their entry point (lead nurturing), and gradually bring them closer to a purchase decision. While doing that, we answer common questions, anticipate any objections, and thus get leads to say "yes" to a conversation with the sales team. And if a lead is interested in principle but not yet ready to buy, we use the possibilities of content marketing to "keep this lead warm" with relevant content.

More about content marketing 


Within the framework of continuous lead management, we sift through and evaluate the acquired contacts and hand over promising leads to the sales department for further processing according to previously agreed criteria. As content professionals, we also support sales teams in the creation or optimization of sales content, from designing an e-mail template to creating a presentation or laying out data sheets.


Carta supports medium-sized B2B companies in retaining customers beyond the point of sale: With content that helps, inspires and excites them. By offering their customers real added value through their content, B2B companies cleverly avoid the pressure of having to be the cheapest. Ideally, they also ensure that their customers become active recommenders.  

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